Relax and Get the Home in Athens You Want at a Price You Can Afford – Without Any Fear of Surprises

How long did your parents keep your home when you were a child? Did they hold onto it until well into your adulthood? Do they still have it?

Your fondest memories in your life come from your home. Mom making hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Dad trying to tackle you on a warm spring afternoon. Everyone relaxing in front of the TV, watching your family’s favorite movie.

But all that can be gone in a second when you buy a new home. That’s because even brand new homes can come with major structural defects from careless home builders. Defects that cost you thousands of dollars and hours of stress and hassle. And you’ve heard all the terrible stories about home inspectors who miss glaring issues they should catch.

So, you need the best certified home inspector you can find in Athens. Because, you want complete peace of mind, knowing you’re not making the biggest purchase of a lifetime in a home that turns out to be your worst nightmare.

Platinum Plus Inspections Gives You the Most Thorough Home Inspection in Athens

Most certified home inspection services take 2-3 hours to do your inspection. We take 6 because we examine every square inch of your home and property.

You get a certified InterNACHI home inspector with an obsessive attention to detail. Each has more than 10 years of experience in home construction and inspection.

They check things most certified home inspectors don’t even bother with. For example, they’ll check the water and ice dispenser on the fridge. They don’t just get on the roof, but they actually estimate the approximate lifespan it has left before you need to replace it. They even look at the light bulb in your microwave to make sure it works.

What’s common among all these? Few, if any, other home inspection services don’t even take the time to look at these things. They’re just a few of many examples of the ways we go above and beyond what the standard home inspector covers.

Get Your Home Inspection Report Fast – Appointments in 3 Days. And Get Your Final Report Just 24 Hours After Your Inspection – Guaranteed!

You don’t need to be an experienced handyman or home builder to read your report. In fact, you don’t need any experience with home repair at all.

That’s because the home inspector that works with you discusses everything in “Plain English.” And, your 35-page report comes in plain language you can understand too. Many home inspection reports are difficult and confusing.

Worried about our services? Don’t be. That’s because two guarantees protect you:

  1. 100% satisfaction with your property inspection. If you feel “duly unsatisfied” with the quality and thoroughness of your home inspection, you don’t pay a thing. Just notify us in writing.
  2. Free 90-day limited warranty. Say your inspection says your water heater, appliances, and HVAC system all work well. Then, within 90 days of your inspection, one of them breaks down. We’ll give you $500 toward the replacement or repair.

To get complete peace of mind knowing you’ve bought a home in good working order, call Platinum Plus Inspections at 678.316.2864 to get your free quote. You’ll talk to one of our staff and will be impressed with their knowledge.

For your information, we also do building and rental property inspection too. Whatever you need inspected, let us know. Your peace of mind is our top concern.