Learn Whether Your Next Home Will be Your Dream Home…Or a Nightmare Money Pit – Braselton House Inspection Services by Platinum Plus

Nothing in life is certain. You can lose your job at any minute and for any reason. Anyone in your family could lose their health and go to the hospital. Your car could break down and need major repairs, even if it’s brand new.

But you can be certain about one thing in your life: the quality of the home you want to buy.

However, that only works when you hire the right house inspector. Because, after all, not every house inspection service does the same quality of work. You’ve heard the horror stories about house inspectors who miss serious issues…ones they should have easily caught.

What Should You Look for in a House Inspector?

You might not know what makes one house inspector much better than another. After all, you’ve probably only bought another house one other time in your life. Or, this could be your first home.

So you want to make sure the inspector you hire truly is the best one available. They should be so thorough that your chances of buying a nightmare money pit home are almost eliminated.

With Platinum Plus Inspections, you get Braselton’s most thorough home inspection. The typical house inspector takes around 3 hours to do their job. Our inspections are so meticulous they take around 6…for the exact same property.

That’s because the report that guides the inspection process has been in development for 11 years (and counting). Our owner revises the report and constantly updates it to make sure it analyzes literally every square inch of the home you want to buy.

That means no surprises after you move in. No big, costly, and stressful repairs a few years down the line. You get exactly the home you hoped you would get.

Residential Property Inspectors Trained to Check Even the Minutest Detail

Not only is the process and report the most thorough in Braselton, but only experienced, highly trained inspectors do the job. In fact, each has an average of a total of 10 years of home construction and inspection experience. And for starters, our owner hires them for their customer service skills and their desire to learn. Then, they get trained according to his stringent standards. And all inspectors must have InterNACHI certification.

When each residential inspector checks out your home, they look at things like the amount of deflection a certain part of your home has (few inspectors check this – just ask them), the air handler inside your HVAC system (most inspections don’t check this), and even the water/ice dispenser on your fridge and your microwave’s light bulb. No detail’s too small to overlook.

All This at a Competitive Price!

With an inspection that goes so far above and beyond the norm, you think you’d have to pay a premium for the service. But you don’t. In fact, you pay a price similar to what leading residential property inspectors in Braselton charge.

Plus, you get two nice bonuses to make you feel certain we’re the best choice:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee – Get your money fully refunded if you’re not satisfied with your home inspection in any way. Just notify us in writing.
  2. FREE 90-Day Limited Warranty – If your appliances worked at the time of your inspection, but they stop within 90 days of it, you get $500 towards their repair or replacement. Absolutely no charge for that.

All that sound good? Great! Just call Platinum Plus at 678.316.2864 today to get your free quote.

By the way, we inspect any physical structure you can imagine. So if you need a rental property or building of any kind inspected, reach on out. You can place your absolute trust in the quality and reliability of the inspection you get.