Is the Home in Buford You’re Considering Your Dream Home…Or Your Worst Nightmare?

Appearances can be deceiving. Especially when you look at new homes.

Just because a home is brand new, even if it was built in the last year, doesn’t mean it’s completely free of defects. And that includes major structural defects that could cost you thousands of dollars and months of stress and hassle to repair.

Unfortunately, some home builders cut corners to boost their profits. And if that costs you lots of money and inconvenience, they view that as your problem. And yes, these homes can pass local code inspections too. So, you can be stuck with a home beautiful to your eye, but one with terribly expensive repairs.

No disrespect to home builders intended here. Most are honest. But, a few really don’t care. It’s just a fact of how the industry works. And we want to be sure you’re aware of that so you can protect yourself, and your finances, as you look at new homes.

Nothing Protects You Like a Thorough Home Inspection from a Certified Home Inspector

The best way you can protect yourself is to have a thorough home inspection done. But not just any home inspection from any certified home inspection service. You want the most thorough home inspection that any home inspector in Buford can offer.

Because that’s going to give you the greatest protection from buying a nightmare money-pit home.

At Platinum Plus Inspections, our owner has spent a grueling 11 years fine-tuning your home inspection so you get the most thorough inspection and report in the industry. The average home inspection either he, or his experienced team (with an average experience of 10 years) performs is so meticulous it takes 6 hours. Most home inspectors take 2-3.

That’s because these home inspections check many details many certified home inspectors don’t even bother with. Things like the water and ice dispenser on your fridge. Or your microwave’s light bulb. And every single window, light switch, and electrical outlet. Most inspections look at just some of those.

And every home inspector carries InterNACHI certification. Feel free to Google the certification to learn more about it.

How Much Do You Think Buford’s Most Thorough House Inspection Costs?

With the most rigorous inspection in Buford, you’d think you’d pay a much higher than average price. But, our home inspections cost similar to what other leading inspectors in the area charge. Feel free to do the research you need to check.

Not only do you get a competitive price, but two guarantees protect you too. They work like this:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – If you feel “duly unsatisfied” with the quality of your house inspection, for any reason, just notify us in writing and you don’t have to pay for it.
  • 90-day Limited Warranty – If your appliances, HVAC, or water heater need repair or replacement within 90 days of your home inspection service, we’ll give you $500 toward their repair or replacement at absolutely no additional charge to you.

Sound good? Great! Just call 678.316.2864 to get your free quote. You’ll be impressed with the knowledge of our inspectors. We promise.

And if you need anything else inspected, like a building or any kind of rental property, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If it’s a building of any kind, we do Buford’s most thorough inspection for it.