The Only Certified Home Inspection in Commerce That Takes 6 Hours to Give You Full Peace of Mind

Think of the last contracted service you hired. What impressed you most about them? Something stuck out. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen them. When you look for a certified home inspector, what do you really want? Do you want a home inspection? Someone with lots of experience?

Maybe. Those things are nice. But, what you really want is complete peace of mind that you know the exact condition of the home you want to buy. You might like surprises. But you don’t want one with your new home.

And that’s where Platinum Plus Inspections comes in. We keep things nice and simple and predictable for you. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to wonder what the seller might be hiding. And you don’t have to obsess about what your home inspection service could have missed.

Get Commerce’s Most Rigorous Home Inspection…At the Same Price Far Less Thorough Home Inspectors Charge

The home inspection service you get takes a lengthy 6 hours to complete. Most inspections take around 3 for the exact same size of property.

Your inspection gets scheduled fast. Just call us and we’re happy to show up within 72 hours. And you get the print version of your report just 24 hours after your home’s inspection.

But you don’t want the inspection itself to go fast. That leads to mistakes. And those mistakes could end up costing you thousands of dollars in a few years….or even right when you move in to your new home.

However, Platinum Plus inspections don’t take longer because we take the time to be more thorough. Our inspections simply check things most others don’t even bother to look at.

For example, that could be deflection. Deflection simply refers to how much an object bends from its original position. For example, a beam in your home. Excessive deflection could indicate serious structural issues. And all it takes is a simple check with a 4-foot level. It’s a check most certified home inspectors don’t even look for.

Your HVAC system gets a look inside at the air handler. Most inspections simply check the temperature and performance. We’ll also look at every window, outlet, and light bulb in your home. Most inspections simply look at a representative number.

You’ll know your crawl space’s relative humidity and the moisture content in its materials. You’ll even know that the bake and broil work on your oven.

Try finding another home inspector in Commerce who checks all that.

What Would You Expect This Rigorous of a Home Inspection to Cost?

With a home inspection that’s so thorough, the most thorough in Commerce, you think you’d have to pay a price well above most. But you don’t. In fact, feel free to compare us to other home inspectors in Commerce. You’ll pay a price that’s right in there with other leaders in the local market.

Plus, a couple nice bonuses protect you:

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not happy with the quality of your home inspection for any reason, just notify us in writing. You’ll get the full cost refunded.
  2. FREE Limited 90-Day Warranty – If your HVAC, appliances, or water heater work at the time of your home inspection but fail within 90 days, we’ll give you $500 toward their repair or replacement.

How does that sound to you? Good? Great! Just call 678.316.2864 to get your free quote today. You’ll be impressed with the in-depth knowledge and friendliness of the person you speak to.

And please remember, we offer thorough and reliable inspections that give you peace of mind with any physical structure. We’ll inspect rental properties or buildings of any kind. And you always get the same great service.