Don’t Be the Newest Homeowner in Dacula Who Buys the Area’s Biggest Disaster!

Owning your own home…most Americans think of it as the “American Dream.” But it can quickly turn into your very own “American Nightmare.”

No matter how good a home looks, it can suffer from major issues that can cost you big money. This happens with both brand new homes, even ones built just a couple years ago, and old homes alike.

Home builders sometimes cut corners on new home construction. And, even though they cut corners, those new homes can still pass local code inspections. So, they can make it to market with major structural defects.

It happens. Not often. But it does happen right here in Dacula. And of course, older homes can easily suffer from major issues too.

So you have to protect your own interests with a house inspection. But, not every inspection is the same. Some are more thorough than others. And sometimes, house inspection services miss obvious (and very costly) issues they should catch.

No disrespect intended here. But, it’s the fact of the matter things like this happen. It’s just the way home building and inspection works. And it’s important you know that.

Protect Your Investment! You Need the Most Thorough House Inspection You Can Get in Dacula

When you buy a new home, even if it is your second, you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around to make another repair immediately. You also don’t have the time. And you don’t have the patience to talk to 2-3 contractors and find the best one.

But, you can eliminate all those stresses, and your fear of them, with Dacula’s most thorough house inspection. One that truly goes way above and beyond what most residential property inspections do.

That’s where Platinum Plus Home Inspections comes in. We’ve spent more than 11 years fine-tuning home inspections and their reports so you get the best protection possible. And your report gets constant analysis and ongoing updating to keep your level of protection high.

Not only does the process matter. But it matters the skill of the individual doing the process. Our owner, with more than 26 years of home inspection, quality control, and home inspection experience, personally hires and trains each inspector. Currently, the team has individuals who average more than a decade of experience in home construction and inspection. And every inspector carries InterNACHI certification.

The average Dacula residential property inspector takes 2-3 hours do to their job. Our average inspection takes 6.

That’s because we check every square inch of your home. Your house inspection gets scheduled fast. But, the inspection itself focuses on thoroughness.

Our inspectors check for all kinds of things most inspections don’t even consider. Ever heard of a residential property inspection service that checks your microwave’s light bulb? We’ll even estimate the remaining lifespan on your shingles, HVAC system, and water heater.

Peace of Mind Available at Absolutely No Risk to You

Worried about the quality of our house inspections? Don’t be. That’s because a satisfaction guarantee protects you. If you’re “duly unsatisfied” with the quality of your home inspection, you don’t have to pay a thing for it. Just notify us in writing.

And a limited 90-day warranty protects you too. If any of your appliances, HVAC system, or your water heater needs repair or replacement within 90 days of your inspection service, we’ll give you $500 towards it. And there’s no additional cost to you.

To get Dacula’s most thorough home inspection and both of those guarantees, just call 678.316.2864 today. You’ll always talk to a person, and you will be impressed with our knowledge.

Please also remember we do building and rental property inspection of all kinds. Regardless of the type of building you need inspected, you get the area’s most thorough inspection available – and the peace of mind that goes with it.