Certified Home Inspection Services for Duluth Homebuyers Who Want Total Peace of Mind

Would you rather have your dream home…or your dream home with the certainty that it has no structural defects that could cost you thousands in repairs years after you move in?

After all, every home, even newly built ones, can have serious issues that aren’t apparent to the untrained eye. It happens. While home builders on the whole are honest and do good work, some cut every corner so they can maximize their own profit. And local inspectors responsible for enforcing Duluth code miss things too.

That’s why you need an experienced and certified home inspector to give you confidence that what appears as your dream home is in fact just that.

Platinum Plus Inspections Has Spent The Last 11+ Years Perfecting Your Home Inspection Report So You Can Feel 100% Confident

Our owner has nearly three decades of customer service and quality control experience. Plus, more than a decade of experience performing home inspections. He’s personally worked on the home inspection report you get since 2005. That means the 35-page report that analyzes your home has had more than 11 years of attention. And it continues to receive careful scrutiny to this day so you get the most thorough home inspection service available in Duluth.

How can you be sure you get the most thorough home inspection? As a smart consumer and potential homeowner, you’ll likely talk to several home inspection companies before making a decision.

Ask them how long it takes to do your home’s inspection. They’ll tell you it takes around 2-4 hours. In most cases, 3.

At Platinum Plus, the typical home inspection takes around 6 hours. That’s because we go into an intimate level of detail that most other inspectors don’t.

For example, we’ll check your oven’s “bake” and “broil” cooking settings to make sure both work properly. We’ll look at your microwave to see if the light bulb in there works. You’ll even get an estimate of the remaining lifespan on your shingles, HVAC system, and water heater. Other certified home inspectors don’t even do these things.

Get a Plain English Home Inspection So You Know Exactly What Needs Fixing

Many reports come in language only home inspectors understand. With Platinum Plus, your report is written in “plain English.” You can be a first-time homeowner, with a basic understanding of home repair and maintenance, but you’ll still understand with absolute clarity the current status of the home you’re considering buying.

But most of all, you’ll get peace of mind. You’ll have total confidence you’re buying a home that’s as in good of condition as it looks.

And you won’t have any surprises in a few years. Just the same old basic maintenance you’d expect for any home.

To get all that, you’d think you’d pay a premium in price for your home inspection. But you don’t. You pay a competitive price for a more thorough report and complete peace of mind. What you’d expect to pay with any company. So, you get a great value for your money.

Sound good? Great. Call Platinum Plus at 678.316.2864 today for your free quote. You’ll be impressed with the quality of service and in-depth knowledge of all staff.

And by the way…we inspect just about anything. Any building or rental home can be inspected, and you’ll know the exact condition of the property. Please don’t hesitate to call with any kind of inspection you need.