Get Total Peace of Mind and Security with Forsyth County’s Most Rigorous House Inspection

Looking for a home? What’s your number one fear?

You don’t want to buy a home that looks like your dream home…but turns out to be a money pit. And you don’t want to hire a house inspector that misses obvious issues they should have caught. Issues that cost you big money. Issues that turn what you thought was your dream home into a complete disaster.

That’s why you need the most rigorous house inspection that you can get in Forsyth County. One that checks every square inch of the home and property you’re about to spend big money on.

Platinum Plus Inspections Makes Sure the Home You’re About to Buy is in the Condition You Thought

It’s our goal to make sure you have total confidence in the home you’re going to buy. That’s why we give you the most thorough house inspection available in Forsyth County.

Each home inspector has more than a decade of experience in home construction and inspection. They’re also InterNACHI certified. That means they know exactly what to look for. What they should and should not find.

Plus, they’ve been trained by our owner who himself has more than a decade of house inspection experience, and nearly three decades of customer service experience. So not only do you get a thorough and reliable house inspection, but you get great service too.

The final report you took has been fine-tuned over a period of 11 years. If you talk to other house inspection services, make sure you ask them how long they’ve been working on their report. You’re likely to get blank, confused looks.

The final report you get from us contains a brief summary and 35 pages of in-depth information. But don’t worry. Your house inspector knows how to speak “Plain English.” You’ll understand exactly what’s wrong with your house. And your report’s written in simple, understandable language too. Plus, you can always call with any questions you have.

And all this comes at a price comparable to the competition’s. So, you get much more for a similar cost.

Finally, You Get Total Confidence, Knowing You Can Buy Your House Without Fear of Costly Repairs

What feels better than knowing the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life is a sound and safe one? You can also relax, knowing the home you’ll buy will provide those happy, loving memories you envision.

And you have no need to feel fear about using our residential inspection services. That’s because two guarantees protect you:

  1. If you feel “duly unsatisfied” with your residential property inspection, just tell us in writing. Your payment will be refunded.
  2. A free, limited warranty. If your water heater, HVAC system, or appliances break down or need replacing within 90 days of your property inspection, we’ll give you $500 toward their repair or replacement. And there’s absolutely no cost to you.

Do peace of mind, confidence, and relaxation as you make the biggest purchase in your lifetime sound good?

Great. Just call Platinum Plus Inspections at 678.316.2864 for your free quote. You’ll talk to a human being, not a computer. And, you’ll get precise, detailed answers to all your questions.

For your information, Platinum Plus also does rental home and building inspections. Whatever you need inspected, we can do it. And you’ll have confidence you’re buying or renting the property you thought.