Gainesville’s Most Thorough Home Inspection that Gives You the Peace of Mind You Deserve

What’re the two biggest emotions you feel when looking for your new home? Excitement.

And fear. And you have a lot to be afraid of. You have to find a realtor. Do they care more about finding you the home you want? Or do they want you to pay as much as possible so they can max out their commission?

What about the seller? Do they take pride in caring for their home? Or do they seem like they’re trying to slip something by you?

So, you need a home inspector. But you need one you can trust. After all, you’ve heard plenty of terrible stories about home inspectors missing obvious things they shouldn’t. And you’re going to be on the hook for the costly repairs.

That’s why you need a certified home inspector you can trust. One that goes above and beyond what other Gainesville home inspections do. A home inspection so thorough that it virtually eliminates any chance you have of getting stuck with a nightmare money pit home.

Platinum Plus Delivers You the Most Meticulous Home Inspection in Gainesville

The inspection process and report you get from Platinum Plus Inspections pays intense scrutiny to accurately identifying the exact condition of the property you want to buy. For starters, the report that examines the home you’re about to buy has been revised for the past 11 years…and counting. Our owner never gives it a break.

And every inspector that analyzes your home has more than a decade of experience in home construction and home inspections. Our owner hired them first for their customer service and home inspection aptitude, and second for their technical skills. They all get thorough and ongoing training to keep their technical skills at the top of the Gainesville market. Plus, they all carry InterNACHI certification. So no matter which member of the team does your home’s inspection, you can rest assured you get one of the best available.

What makes our home inspection so much more thorough than the next one? For starters, it takes 6 hours to do. Most home inspectors in the area take 2-3 hours.

And we check things most certified home inspectors don’t. For example, your microwave light bulb even gets a look. Now granted, that’s not going to be a major repair. But it shows you the level of detail you get.

Your home also gets checked with a 4-foot level for deflection. If your home has deflection issues, that could indicate major and costly structural issues being present. Most home inspections don’t even look for this.

Finally, your HVAC’s air handler also gets a look. Most inspections only check the performance and temperature of the system.

Those are just some of the many ways our home inspections go above and beyond the average one. That means you get more peace of mind and confidence you know the exact condition of the home you’re about to buy. And, you’ll avoid buying a nightmare money pit home.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Get Your Free Quote Today!

Your satisfaction with the home inspection process is guaranteed. If you’re not happy, for whatever reason, just notify us that you feel “duly unsatisfied” with yours and your fee gets refunded.

And, a free limited 90-day warranty protects you too. If your HVAC, appliances, or water heater fail for any reason within 90 days of your inspection, you get $500 towards their replacement.

Get a thorough inspection, peace of mind, and confidence you’re buying the home of your dreams. Call 678.316.2864 today for your free quote.

By the way, you can get any building or rental property inspected too. If it’s a physical structure, we inspect it and you’ll know its exact condition. Plus, you’ll be able to relax, knowing the truth about the condition of that property.