Gwinnett County’s Most Thorough Home Inspection Makes Sure You’re Not Buying a Nightmare Money Pit Home

Imagine the worst case scenario that could happen when you look at new homes. You walk into what you think is the home of your dreams. Everything looks great. A big family room. Large back yard. Spacious bedrooms. You do your due diligence and have the house inspected. The inspection doesn’t turn up any major showstoppers.

Two years later, after you’ve been enjoying the home of your dreams without any concerns, you find out your roof needs replacing. And you have major structural issues.

Both repairs will cost you tens of thousands of dollars total. Suddenly, what you thought was your amazing dream home, now becomes a stressful nightmare money pit. And the stress will last for weeks and months as you search for reliable contractors you can trust to make the repairs.

The house inspection service you hired should have caught both of those issues. All of that could have been easily prevented if they were thorough and careful in their inspection.

Platinum Plus Inspections Makes Sure You Don’t Buy A Home That Ends Up Being a Disaster

We have the most thorough house inspection you can get in Gwinnett County. With the typical residential inspection, the inspector does a quick 2-3 hour inspection of the house.

However, the average Platinum Plus Inspection takes 6 hours. That’s because we examine every square inch of the house. Nothing gets overlooked. Every square inch gets the meticulous invention it should.

You need to protect the largest investment you’re ever going to make (At least, until you buy your next house anyway). And a thorough house inspection from our experienced professionals is just the way to make sure you have no big surprises.

Each inspector has more than a decade of experience either in the home construction industry or in home inspections. And every inspector carries InterNACHI certification. So no matter who does your residential inspection, you can trust in its quality.

What Makes a Platinum Plus Residential Property Inspection Different from Any Other?

Our average inspection checks for things many other inspections don’t even look at. For example, we actually open up your HVAC system and look at the air handler. Most residential inspections check only the temperature and performance.

We also check every single lightbulb, window, and electrical outlet for proper performance. Even your microwave’s lightbulb. The average residential inspector only checks a representative number. Does it really make sense to check just a few and say all work just fine?

We also use a 4-foot level to check your house for deflection. Put simply, that checks how much a part of the structure of your home is displaced by the load on top of it. Of course, you don’t want any displacement because any of it at all could indicate major structural issues. But, most residential property inspection services don’t even check for that.

Your 200% Satisfaction is Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

If you don’t think you received the most thorough residential property inspection available, or if you feel “duly unsatisfied” with the quality of your inspection, simply notify us in writing. You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

To get a free quote for your inspection, just call 678.316.2864 today. You’ll instantly be impressed with the knowledge of the person you talk to.

And remember, Platinum Plus Inspections does building and rental home inspections of all kinds. If you need a thorough, high-quality inspection you can trust, regardless of the type of building, just let us know.