The Only Certified Home Inspection Service in Hall County You Can Trust to Give You Complete Peace of Mind

Wondering whether the new home you want to buy is in good condition? Don’t want to find out that you need a serious repair that costs you $10,000 or more in a few years?

Then you need a home inspection. But you don’t want just any home inspector to do the job. After all, you’ve probably heard those horror stories about certified home inspectors who miss glaringly obvious issues. Ones they should have caught.

Then, who gets stuck with paying for the expensive repair? That’s right – you do.  But with the right certified home inspection service, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Instead, you can focus on buying and enjoying your dream home. No surprises. Just peace of mind.

How Does Platinum Plus Inspections Give You the Peace of Mind Other Home Inspectors Can’t?

That’s simple. We go above and beyond the standard…by far. For example, the typical home inspector does their job in 2-3 hours. Our average inspection takes 6.

That’s because we pay obsessive attention to detail. In fact, your microwave’s lightbulb even gets checked to see if it works. Every light bulb, electrical outlet, and window gets careful scrutiny too.

You’ll even learn an estimate of how much life your HVAC, shingles, and water heater have left. You can see this is no ordinary inspection. Plus, you get it in clear, simple “plain English” you can easily understand. Our home inspectors are hired and trained first for their customer service skills and second for their technical skills.

You don’t have to be a home repair pro to understand them or the report you get. Many reports sent speak dense, technical language that’s hard to understand without two or three looks.

All This at a Competitive Price Similar to What Other Home Inspection Services Charge

With a more thorough report and friendly, personal, and straightforward customer service skills, you’d think you’d have to pay more than you do to other competitors.

But you don’t.

In fact, compare our prices to the other market leaders in Hall County, and you’ll find we’re priced right in with them. So, you get more value for your dollar.

Plus, each professional has an average of 10 years of home building and home inspection service experience. And they’re InterNACHI certified too. The report and process they use has been skillfully developed by our owner for the past 11 years. And it gets careful attention and revision each day.

So you can feel total relaxation when your home inspection is performed and complete.

Absolutely No Risk And Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

What if you don’t trust the quality of your home inspection? No sweat. Simply notify us in writing that you feel “duly unsatisfied,” and you’ll get your entire fee refunded.

And a limited 90-day warranty protects you too. If your HVAC, appliances, or water heater stop working within 90 days of your home inspection service, just let us know. You’ll get $500 towards their replacement. And there’s absolutely no fee for this warranty. It’s yours free.

To get the confidence that you know the condition of the home you’re about to buy, and the peace of mind that comes with it, just call 678.316.2864 today.  Remember, we also do rental home and building inspection of any kind. So whatever you need inspected, we can take care of it. And you’ll have total confidence you know the exact condition of that property.