Finally, A Hoschton House Inspection Service That Gives you Total Peace of Mind

Few things in life are scarier than buying a new home. Getting married could be one. Losing your job could be another. But that’s about it.

Regardless, your new home will be the largest single investment you ever make. So of course you’re going to be afraid when you buy it. You want everything to be in the best condition possible because you won’t have thousands of dollars leftover after the purchase to make a fix. And besides, the seller should be honest with you in the first place and only sell a home that’s in excellent condition.

But, the big problem is you have to find a residential inspection service that eliminates almost all your risk. And that’s hard to do because even good home inspectors make mistakes and miss things from time to time.

So, you need the very best residential property inspector you can find in Hoschton.

Why Choose Platinum Plus Inspections Out of All the Possible Choices?

A quick Google search for “house inspector Hoschton” reveals 51,400 results. So, it’s clear you have more choices than you could ever possibly research.

What makes Platinum Plus your best option out of all those?

Simple, you get the most thorough house inspection available in Hoschton. That means you get complete peace of mind because you know the exact condition of the house you want to buy. Absolutely no surprises. And you don’t have to wonder if you’re going to have an expensive repair to make the first few years you own your home. Instead, you can simply relax and enjoy it.

To make sure you get that, we take an average of 6 hours to do the typical home inspection. Most take 2-3 for the exact same size of property.

Our InterNACHI-certified inspectors don’t just go slower through your property to make sure they don’t miss anything. We actually check things most other inspectors don’t even bother to look at.

For example, your microwave’s light bulb gets a look. Your fridge’s ice and water dispenser is confirmed to work or not work. Are you going to not buy a home because of those two defects? Of course not. But it shows you the level of detail you can expect our inspectors to pay attention to.

We’ll also inspect things like the air handler and inside of your home’s HVAC system. Most inspectors just look at its temperature and performance.

Your home also gets checked for “deflection.” In simple terms, that’s the distance from the original position any supporting framework gets bent. And if that’s way off, your home may have major structural issues. Most inspectors don’t check for this issue.

A Limited Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee Protect You

You can trust the quality of our work. So much so that you don’t even have to pay for it if you’re not happy with how it goes. A 100% satisfaction guarantee protects you. If you’re not happy for any reason, just notify us in writing and you’ll get your full home inspection fee refunded.

And, if your water heater, appliances, or HVAC stop working after they worked during your house inspection, you’ll get $500 toward their repair or replacement. And this warranty’s completely FREE to you.

Sound good? Great! Just call 678.316.2864 to get your free quote today.

And remember, we don’t just inspect homes. We inspect structures of any kind. So if you need to feel 100% confident in the condition of your rental property or any other building, just dial us on up.