Jefferson’s Only Certified Home Inspector Who Knows You Really Want Peace of Mind

When you talk to different home inspectors that serve Jefferson, what’re most going to talk to you about? The home inspections they do, right?

But that’s not what you want, is it? What you really want is the peace of mind that the home you’re about to buy is in the condition you hope it is. And, you want to know if there’s any serious defects you should care about.

Because you don’t want to have that “nightmare” scenario happen. You know – the one where you buy the home and find out a few years later it has a serious issue that costs you thousands of dollars to repair.

That does happen with some home inspectors. You’ve heard about it before. And maybe you even personally know someone who it’s happened to.

So, You Need a Home Inspector that Does a Meticulous Inspection

Why choose Platinum Plus Inspections? After all, you have dozens of choices for home inspection services in the Jefferson area.

As a smart consumer, you’ll likely do extensive research before you make a choice. You’ll talk to a couple home inspectors before you make the hire. Maybe more.

First, ask them how long they take to do your home’s inspection. Most inspectors will tell you around 2-4 hours. At Platinum Plus, our average inspection takes 6 – for the exact same home.

That’s because we pay the utmost attention to your home. Every. Square. Inch. Our InterNACHI-certified home inspectors check things most home inspectors don’t even bother to look at.

For example, every outlet, light bulb, and window gets examination. Most inspectors simply check a representative number. Would you rather have a rough idea of the condition of these? Or would you rather know with precision accuracy?

What about the amount of life left on your HVAC, water heater, and shingles? Most inspectors don’t even want to consider telling you that. But you get a solid estimate with Platinum Plus.

Finally, even your microwave’s light bulb gets a look. Of course, you won’t avoid making an offer on a home with a nonworking microwave light bulb. But it shows you the level of detail you get with your report.

And that gives you the peace of mind and relaxation you want when making an offer on your next home.

A Satisfaction Guarantee Protects You

Good home inspectors stand behind the quality of their work. With Platinum Plus, you’re covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you feel “duly unsatisfied” with any aspect of your home’s inspection, notify us in writing. Then, we’ll refund the cost of your home inspection.

Sound good? Great! Just call 678.316.2864 today to get your free quote. You’ll be impressed with the friendly service and deep knowledge of the professional you talk to.

And by the way, if you need any type of physical structure inspected, just let us know. We do rental property and building inspections of all kinds. Just reach on out and you’ll get a free quote for the structure you need inspected.