The Only House Inspection in Lawrenceville That’s So Thorough It Takes 6 Hours…And Gives You Total Confidence Too

Is that house you want to buy your dream home? Or is it a nightmare money pit? Remember, new houses aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Sometimes, they can have major foundation, roofing, HVAC, or structural issues. Any one of those issues alone can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Will you have that much money to make a repair after you buy your new home? And should you even have to deal with that anyway? Would you rather have total confidence that the home you want is in ready-to-move-in condition right away? A few minor issues are reasonable. You’ll want to know about those so you can negotiate a fair deal with the seller.

Platinum Plus Inspections Gives You Lawrenceville’s Most Thorough Home Inspection so You Don’t Have Any Worries or Surprises

What’s the difference between one house inspection and another? Remember, you have lots of options available in the area. So, it makes sense to check out a few and decide on the best one.

Learn about some of the differences you might find first. For example, most house inspection services will tell you the inspection takes 2-3 hours for the typical home. For the exact same home, Platinum Plus Inspections takes 5-6 hours, and usually closer to 6.

That’s because you get a much more thorough residential inspection than most inspectors offer. No detail on the property you want to buy gets overlooked. It all goes under the most careful scrutiny possible.

Every. Square. Inch.

In fact, it’s taken our owner more than 11 years to perfect the report. And the report itself undergoes analysis on a regular basis to make sure it continues to analyze every possible thing that could be wrong with your home. How long do you think other area house inspection services have spent fine-tuning their reports? Feel free to ask as you talk to different vendors.

During your residential property inspection, you’ll learn in simple layman’s terms you can understand, exactly what’s wrong with your property, why, what it’ll take to fix, and how concerned you should be about it. You’ll also get an electronic 35-page report with a brief summary and detailed analysis. Both are written in “plain English,” so you don’t need any experience to understand.

The typical house inspector may or may not be able to communicate with you. They may not give you a report that you can understand. It may be written in homebuilder speak.

At the end of the day, you don’t just get a thorough inspection. Really, you get complete peace of mind. You know the home you want to buy isn’t a money pit. That it’s indeed the magnificent dream home you hoped. And you’ll have a strong tool for negotiation when that time comes.

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At Platinum Plus, you will get five-star customer service from experienced professionals (10+ years on average) with an impressive level of knowledge. Their level of excellence will shock you.

And if you don’t think you’ve had the most thorough home inspection in Lawrenceville, just write us a letter stating you are “duly unsatisfied” with your house inspection. We’ll refund you the cost of your inspection.

Get your free quote when you call 678.316.2864. And get the peace of mind knowing you’ve made a sound decision.

And don’t forget that we inspect any kind of building or rental property. If it’s a physical structure, our InterNACHI-certified professionals will inspect it and let you know exactly what condition it’s in.