Finally, A Certified Home Inspector in Loganville Who Gives You Complete Peace of Mind

Think of all the stresses you face when you buy a new home. You have to find a realtor you trust. You need to work with a mortgage servicer. You need a home inspector. And if any significant issues pop up in the inspection, you may need a specialist inspector to do further work.

For example, if your home inspector finds a concerning crack in the home’s foundation. Or if you want to see the full extent of a termite or pest problem. But, here’s the thing: they all have the goal of making money off of you. So you need to find at least three people you can trust to place your best interests, and not your money, first.

And it’s hard to find just one who does!

Platinum Plus Inspections Gives Your Home an Inspection You Can Trust…and More Detail than Any Other Certified Home Inspector at the Same Price

What differentiates one home inspector from any other? Two things:

  1. Customer service
  2. Level of detail

At Platinum Plus, our owner’s spent more than a decade perfecting the report that scrutinizes your home – 11 years to be precise. Since 2005, he’s worked on that report and inspection process. And both continue to receive attention to this day.

In addition, our owner has nearly three decades of customer service and quality control experience. And he molds every employee in his way so you get consistently excellent service no matter who does your home inspection.

Certified InterNACHI Home and Building Inspectors with Skills and Experience Second to None

Speaking of those employees…you can be confident they deliver you an excellent quality home inspection every time. Not only have they been personally trained to meet rigidly high standard, but they’ve been carefully hired in the first place too. Each employee was chosen for exceptional customer service and communication skills. They have a demonstrated history and skill at making people happy. The technical skills get taught.

That means you have a pleasant customer service experience every time. In fact, you’ll wonder why more professionals don’t conduct themselves in the same way.

And each building inspector already comes to us with 10 years of experience in home building and inspection in the first place. So…you can completely relax, knowing you’re in good hands that put your interests first every time.

How Can I Be Confident in Your Building Inspection Report?

Well, not only has our owner spent more than 11 years tuning the report to perfection, but it also takes much longer than the average inspection to do. In fact, while most building inspections take around 2-3 hours, our average one is so thorough it takes 5-6. That means every square inch of your property gets in-depth inspection. We even check the relative humidity in your crawl space and the moisture in the building materials.

At the end of your inspection, you’ll know the exact condition of the property you’re looking at. That means complete confidence. Negotiating power. And no surprises. Sound good? Call 678.316.2864 today for your free quote. You’ll talk to a human being with impressively deep knowledge of home inspections.

And if you need any other kind of property inspected, don’t think twice about reaching out. We inspect rental properties and buildings of any kind. And you always get the same thorough inspection and the complete confidence that goes with it.