What Should You Look for in an Oakwood House Inspection Service?

It’s always a stressor and a major hassle to find a service of any kind. Will they do what they say? Or are they just out to get your money?

That’s hard to judge, and especially so if you’re a first-time homebuyer. So what makes Platinum Plus Inspections different from any other residential inspector?

Well, first of all, we understand you don’t really want a house inspection. Instead, you really want peace of mind, knowing that the home you’re about to buy doesn’t come with any major issues that could cost you a surprising amount of money to fix in a few years. You simply want to relax, know the exact condition of the home, and pay a fair price for it.

Next, Platinum Plus takes almost twice as much time to inspect your home as the average house inspector. It takes about 6 hours to do your house inspection because every square inch of your home gets carefully scrutinized. That includes every light bulb in the home – and even the one in the microwave. The average home inspector takes around 2-3 hours to inspect your house. You’re likely to research several house inspection services before making a choice, so go ahead and ask them.

Third, check how each house inspector makes their report. At Platinum Plus, we’ve used our report for 11 years…and counting. And it gets attention every day to make sure it accounts for all the possible issues that could arise in any modern home. Compare that to what other house inspectors tell you.

Finally, you get personal service from a small company with highly capable employees. You will fully understand what your inspector tells you because they speak in “plain English” that makes sense to you. You won’t hear any of the fancy technical language, unless you want to.

That’s because our owner’s hired each inspector first for their customer service and communication skills. He understands that many times, house inspectors seem to speak a different language, one that new homebuyers like you find hard to understand. And each employee already has more than a decade of experience in home building and home inspection. Then, they get additional training on Oakwood’s most thorough report.

So no matter who does your residential property inspection, you can fully trust the quality of it. You know you’ll have peace of mind. And you won’t have any big surprises or stress later on after you buy your home.

Available at a Competitive Price – Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

You’d think with a more thorough inspection and report process like this you would have to pay a premium price. But you don’t. In fact, you’ll pay a competitive price similar to what any leading residential property inspection service charges for a less thorough inspection.

And your satisfaction with your house inspection is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy with it in any way, just notify us in writing that you are “duly unsatisfied” with the inspection, and your fee gets refunded without any hassle.

Peace of mind, a thorough inspection, and confidence you know what you’re getting can be yours today. Just call 678.316.2864 for your free quote.

And by the way, if you need a rental property or building inspection of any kind, we do those too. If it’s a physical structure, you can get it inspected. And, you can get complete confidence you know the exact condition of the property.