Don’t Buy a Money Pit! House Inspection Services for Suwanee Homebuyers from Platinum Plus Inspections

Few experiences are more exciting or stressful than buying your new home. You need a realtor, mortgage servicer, and home inspector. You may also need a specialist inspector to examine any possible defects like foundation cracks or possible insect infestations.

That’s a minimum of 3 people you’ll have to find to trust. And maybe more. And it’s scary enough to find just one of those on your own.

Well, you can forget about searching for a house inspector because Platinum Plus has you covered.

Why Choose Platinum Plus to do Your Next House Inspection?

Simple. You get the most thorough home inspection available in Suwanee. That means you can feel completely relaxed and confident when you buy your new home.

You know you won’t have a roof repair to make in a few years that costs you thousands of dollars. Your foundation won’t suddenly end up cracking and bowing. You won’t have any big surprises at all.

That’s because your residential property inspection takes 6 hours to complete. The average inspection takes 2-3 hours.

The home inspection you get from us pays meticulous attention to detail. After all, the report and process has been developed and fine-tuned for more than a decade (11 years and counting). Your crawl space gets examined for its relative humidity and the moisture present in the materials. Every light bulb, electrical outlet, and window gets careful scrutiny (most inspections just check a representative number). And even your microwave’s light bulb gets tested.

That’s superb attention to detail you’ll have a hard time finding with any other residential property inspection service.

Skilled, Friendly Employees Give You a Great Experience and Inspection Every Time

Not only do you get a thorough inspection and the peace of mind that comes with it, but you get great service too. That’s because each residential property inspector’s been trained by our owner to provide 5-star customer service. And by the way, our owner has nearly three decades of customer service and quality control experience. Today, while he does the occasional house inspection, he spends most of his time molding and grooming each employee in customer service and house inspection excellence.

By the way, those employees already have an average of 10 years of experience in home building and house inspections. They’re chosen for their natural aptitude in customer service and house inspections. Plus, when they come on board at Platinum Plus, they also have to get InterNACHI certification.

You can fully trust the quality of your inspection and service no matter which employee does it.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

You will be satisfied with the quality of your residential inspection service. If for whatever reason you’re not, and you believe you are “duly unsatisfied,” just notify us in writing and your entire fee gets refunded.

Also, a limited 90-day warranty protects you. If your appliances, HVAC, or water heater stop working within 90 days of your inspection, you get $500 towards their replacement. And there’s absolutely no fee to get that warranty.

For Suwanee’s most thorough home inspection, and the complete peace of mind you get with it, call Platinum Plus Inspections at 678.316.2864 to get your free quote. You’ll be impressed with the friendly service and deep knowledge of the person you speak to.

By the way, we also inspect just about any building you can imagine. A rental home or building inspection, and complete confidence in the property you’re about to buy, can be yours today. Feel free to reach out with any inspection services you need.