Need a House Inspector in Walton County? What to Look For…

Few things in life are as overwhelming as buying a new home. Is this your first home? Has it been a decade since you bought your previous one?

Excitement and stress are normal. Who wouldn’t be afraid to make one of the largest purchases in their lifetime? You want everything to go right. You want the realtor to find a beautiful home in a good location. You want to pay a fair price for the home.

But, you don’t want to move in to that home and find out three years later it needs a serious repair. One that costs thousands of dollars, like a new roof. Or a foundation fix.

The seller should have enough honesty to disclose any defects. But sometimes they don’t. And sometimes they simply don’t know. And, it can happen where house inspectors miss obvious issues they should catch.

But, With a Thorough House Inspection, Your Inspector Should Catch Any Serious Issues

There’s really no excuse for missing a serious issue in a home. You know, the kind that costs a month of your salary (or more) to fix.

Unfortunately, that happens when house inspection services don’t do thorough enough inspections. Ask your realtor, or the home inspector yourself, how long the inspection takes.

Most will tell you around 3 hours. Maybe a little more. Maybe less. At Platinum Plus, our average inspection takes around 6 hours.

That’s because we have an obsession with detail. Some may think we even go overboard. For example, your microwave’s light bulb even gets a look.  Yeah, you won’t be negotiating a lower price on your new home over a microwave lightbulb. But it shows you we’re serious about detail. And it shows the seller you’re serious too.

And that’s what gives you peace of mind. You know that everything in the home you want to buy gets a look. While most house inspectors check a representative sample of electrical outlets, light bulbs, and windows, Platinum Plus checks every one. Nothing gets overlooked.

When your residential property inspection’s complete, you can relax and have total confidence in the condition of the home you’re about to buy. That means no surprises when you move in. And no major unexpected repairs that you don’t have the money to pay for.

Instead, you get to enjoy your new home. And you can focus on all the fun stuff – decorating, playing with your kids, and having guests over.

You’re 100% Protected with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Finally, you need to have confidence in the home inspection you’re about to get. At Platinum Plus, we stand behind the quality of our inspections.

If you’re not satisfied with your inspection, simply write us a letter stating you are “duly unsatisfied” with its quality. And please tell us why so we can improve the service for other customers. After your letter is received, you get a full refund and pay nothing for your home’s inspection.

So you have absolutely no risk. None whatsoever. Plus, you have everything to gain – including your complete peace of mind.

Sound good? Great! Just call 678.316.2864 today for your free quote. It’s absolutely free – and there’s no obligation. And you’ll just love the friendly, knowledgeable professional you speak to.

By the way, you can get any physical structure you want inspected. That includes buildings and rental properties of any kind. If you need it inspected so you know it’s precise condition, just give us a call for a free quote.