Home Is Where Your Heart Is…So Make Sure You Have a 100% Thorough Winder Home Inspection That Prevents Any Surprises

How well do you remember your home as a child? Your fondest memories come from your home. Time with your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa coming over and spoiling you, and all those ridiculous fights you had with your siblings.

How could you ever forget?

You want to have those same memories with your family. You want them to keep those memories with them to pass down from generation to generation.

You don’t want to remember buying the home that needed a new $10,000 roof a year later. You don’t want the home with a collapsing foundation that caused headaches for years on end. You don’t want to have the home that could have easily been wonderful if all you had was a thorough analysis from a qualified house inspector.

Platinum Plus Inspections Makes Sure Winder Homeowners Like You Buy Your Dream Home and Avoid Nightmares

When you hire a house inspection service, you’re supposed to get a thorough analysis that shows you everything that’s wrong with the home. You should avoid walking into a trap.

But that doesn’t always happen. And that’s because most house inspections aren’t nearly thorough enough. The average one takes 2-3 hours.

Our average inspection takes 6 hours. It’s among the most rigorous you can get in Winder. And you pay a price equal to what you’d pay with any other house inspector doing a shorter 2-3 hour inspection.

Your entire home and property gets inspected. Every. Square. Inch. The typical Winder residential inspector gets the temperature and performance of your HVAC system. Our inspection does that and actually looks inside your HVAC system at your air handler and other components.

The typical inspection only looks at a representative number of windows, outlets, and lights. Ours checks every one. Our inspection also estimates the remaining lifespan of your home’s most expensive components, like your shingles, HVAC system, water heater, and more. To our knowledge, no other house inspector checks for that.

At the End of the Day, You Get a Residential Property Inspection That Makes You Feel 100% Relaxed About the Home You’re Buying

Our owner spent more than 11 years perfecting the report you’ll receive. With that kind of dedication, you know you get a report you can count on.

He hires additional residential property inspectors with the best people and service skills. Technical skills are taught. And those inspectors already have more than 10 years of experience in property inspection and home construction.

Your report’s also written in simple, plain English you can understand. And during the inspection (which you should attend), you learn about any potential issues concerning your home, and how to maintain it.

When your inspection’s complete and you receive your final report just 24 hours later or less (guaranteed!), you’ll have 100% confidence that you’re buying the amazing dream home you’ve envisioned for so many years.

And a couple guarantees protect you:

  • 100% satisfaction with your property inspection: If you feel “duly unsatisfied” with your inspection, just tell us in writing, and you don’t have to pay for it
  • 90-day limited warranty: This comes at no cost to you. If your appliances, HVAC system, or water heater stop working within 90 days of your inspection, we’ll give you $500 to cover the cost of their replacement – and you don’t have to pay any deductible.

To get your free quote, just call our friendly staff at 678.316.2864. You talk to a human being every time. You’ll be impressed with their knowledge. And you’ll get a free quote too. We also do rental property inspections and building inspections.